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Worldhum & travel writing

I am a sucker for good travel writing. I like reading about remote places, barren empty landscapes. I like lean chiselled prose. I love Chatwin's writing.

For a long time it seemed that good travel writing has found a home in the webzines. Now as one web publication after another closes its doors, there is a migration of people who pioneered travel content on the web back to print or to independent zines. Sustaining good related zines seems to be as difficult on the web as it is on print.

Good part is people are still trying to give good travel writing a home on the web. Jim Benning and Michael Yessis have developed this site called World Hum. I hope it becomes popular and remains interesting. Don George, the guy who created the 'Wonderlust' section of Salon has moved over to Lonely Planet. There is an interesting conversation between Benning and George 'Soul-Stretching Adventures Don't Sell Ads' available in the current issue of Online Journalism Review. George indicated that something similar to Wonderlust may be in the works in the online version of LonelyPlanet.

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