July 02, 2004
Still around

I have been away from weblogging for such a long time now that it is kind of hard to figure out where to begin.

Anyway, I am alive and kicking. There has been a bunch of things going on in my offline life and doing them properly was a higher level of importance. But let me express my gratitude and apologies to those few readers who have been regularly checking to see wheather this blog is coming back to life. I should have given some sort of an advance notice before going on such a long hiatus; but the problem is, I did not realize that I am going to sleep for such a long time. It always seemed like I would be back online soon.

Anyway, I hope to blog again more regularly. But I suspect that I am going to be posting more links than commentary - at least in the near future.

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February 19, 2004
On Vacation

I am on vacation, travelling through India, meeting family and friends. Out here, I have occasional and limited internet access available through cybercafes. In the village where we live, Internet access is agonizingly slow. It is not exciting trying to post from there. Besides, we are really trying to maximize our time with our parents here.

Normal posting would resume once I get back to work in the second week of March.

I should have posted this a very long time back. My apologies to those of you who have been visiting this page regularly. I meant to post a note. But in all the chaos of packing and work related worries, it skipped my mind.

Posted by Kaushik at 06:36 AM
December 12, 2003

Extremely busy week at work and life. Should be back over the weekend.

Posted by Kaushik at 08:31 AM
June 26, 2003
Housekeeping notes

1) I am having a hard time juggling between my responsibilities and other interests. I have also lost some of the enthusiasm to keep up the kind of blogging that I had been doing for some time. It is sometimes hard for me to retrace my train of thoughts or make something useful out of it at a later date, if I dont spend good time on each post.

Basically, I want to do longer pieces. I also want to do them at longer intervals. The kind of schedule I have lately been keeping precludes posting through the week. I expect to post things at the weekends rather than throughout the week. (unless of course there is some breaking news that is overriding interest to me!)

If you want to be kept updated on new posts without having to come here to check for updates, there are two ways you can do it:

-You can also use an RSS reader that will allow you to check on new posts
-You can send me an e-mail requesting notification when I post something (Later on, I would add something on the right hand nav. where you can add your e-mail address)

Mostly though, you would be ok if you check things on a weekly basis. (It is certainly nice to assume that the rest of the world is waiting with bated breath to hear my utterances on every subject under the sun :-)! )

2) As someone whose professional and recreational life is governed by information/ content/ software and the culture and technology that revolves around it, one of the most frustrating aspects of my life in the web enabled world is management of information.

In my life, Information has the following physical dimensions. e-mail, hard drive, paper based documents, urls/Bookmarks, contact information, books. To the extent possible, I would like to have an application that is cross platform, cross referencible, searchable and mobile (when I say mobile, I primarily mean that I should be able to access them through the web). There seems
to be no tool available that allows me to do that, thought there are various tools that give me various degrees of mobility.

It did not help matters that when I originally started using e-mail, I had no idea of what I was getting into and how e-mail and web will come to rule my and most other knowledge workers' lives. I also did not plan for spam. As a result, I now use 5 different e-mail addresses. Consolidating them is proving to be more challanging than I thought it would be.

I remember Jason Kottke once had a very good conversation on the subject of creating a personal schema on his weblog. But the link to those comments doesnt seem to be working. But the idea of building a personal topic map is intriguing. If anyone has a good link or reference on the subject, please let me know. There is a bunch of interesting links on FieldNotes that I plan to read up. If you some thoughts on the subject, I would love to hear from you.

3) I am also looking for a free tool (preferably) that would allow me to manage writing, bibliography etc. in a single, easy-to-use environment. But it is a jungle out there! Is there any field of endeavour left which does not have too many software solutions yet?

Posted by Kaushik at 01:53 PM
May 30, 2003
All work and no play ...

I have been chasing some rather tight work related deadlines. Between that and a New York commute that has been eating up my leisure hours, RandomNotes has been getting very little attention in the last few weeks. Hope to be back over the weekend.

Posted by Kaushik at 04:23 PM
February 27, 2003
Out of circulation

I have been absconding in Providence, Rhode Island for a few days. Providence is even colder than Connecticut! I also moved house last week end. Very exhausted. Very stressed out.

I hope to be back weblogging from this weekend.

PS: I think farmers in Timbuktoo have a better quality of life than the IT professionals.

Posted by Kaushik at 06:18 PM
February 12, 2003
Gone fishing

I'll be juggling 3 projects for the next few weeks (one of them should have been over by Jan 31st). I am also moving house the week after, travelling to Rhode Island for a few days and committed to deliver an article this month.

I am not unhappy. Considering the mess in which I was in last year, I consider myself fortunate just to have a contract that I like. But weblogging is going to be sparse for the rest of the month. I'll probably post a longish entry once a week or so.

Posted by Kaushik at 07:00 AM
January 17, 2003

We are off for three days.

I am a little harassed by life right now. My offline life is crowded with too many to-do lists, mammoth all day meetings that accomplist little and small errands that I have been happily ignoring for some time. I am one of life's great procrastinators :( .

Posts are going to be small and infrequent over the next few days. But I do want to make time to read over the weekend:
Lawrence Lessig and Jack Balkin on Eldred versus Micky Mouse

Posted by Kaushik at 05:28 PM
January 09, 2003
New year's resolutions

All interesting people are later starters. (i.e. people like me!)

I have never managed to keep my new year's resolutions. But there is always a first time. I liked Mark Pilgrim's and Jonathon Delacour's simple resolutions. Here are mine.

Make good photographs

Posted by Kaushik at 08:56 AM
December 14, 2002

Got quite a few personal and work deadlines over the next few days. Blogging will be sporadic for the next week or so.

Posted by Kaushik at 12:13 AM
November 27, 2002

It started snowing late last night. In the morning when we woke up, everything was covered in a fesh coat of snow. Across the road, the church steeples coated in white looks very pretty. It is the shovelling snow off the windshield of your car whenever you go out that I don't like about snowing this early.

There were very few people at work today. Most have either taken the day off or are 'working from home'. One of my colleagues, an orthodox jew, has brought food and lights to office to celebrate Chanukah.

On sunday afternoon, there was a balloon parade in downtown. Now the trees beside the roads are all lit up in the evenings. It looks a lot more festive than east Bay are did before Christmas.

I am looking forward to watching lots of movies and catching up on reading during the long weekend.

Posted by Kaushik at 12:47 PM
November 09, 2002

In Igby goes down, Igby tells a girl that he is supposed to go to New Jersey but has been putting it off. She says, "that's procrastination." He says, "Not to go to New Jersey is not procrastination.". Now I know ...

Last thursday night, driving back through New Jerse turn pike, I had pulled into into a Grover Cleveland rest area. As I backed out of my parting spot, I realized that the guy in the next spot was going to back out into me before I could drive away. I honked. In the split second that realization dawned that he was not gonna stop and I tried to reverse my truck further, he banged against my front bumper.

We both got out of our cars. I was trying hard to remain civil.
"You just backed out into my truck!"
"Oh, I am sorry! I didn't realize ..."
"I was honking all the time!"
"I didn't hear you. ...But ...there is no damage."

I pointed disbelievingly behind him where he was shielding the front bumper which had completely gone inside.

"Oh yeah, I am sorry. Didn't realize.."

It was deserted. I said, "Let us get your insurance information first." He said, "Yeah, sure." Then, as I watched incrdulously, he walked to his car, quickly got inside and drove away fast.

One lone guy I hadn't noticed before, pulled his head out of the phone booth to tell me, "It'll take him some time to get off the turn pike. Call 911".

this sounded like a good idea. I called 911, feeling vaguely guilty about calling since no doubt they were all busy chasing serial killers and domestic abusers. The dispatcher was brisk and efficient. She took down my location and asked me to wait for the police to arrive.

The guy who talked to me on the phone was a trucker. He was very helpful in describing what happened to the cops. In fact, he was much better at it than I was. I gave the policeman that van's registration no and description. It didn't look like that the cops were going to chase that idiot. He gave me a slip of paper which advised me that I can get the incident report on payment of $1.50 on money order to New Jersey state police. he looked on as I I tried unsuccessfully to pull the front bumper back and directed me to the local 24 hour garage in case I need help in getting the bumper pulled away from the tire.

I drove up to the garage. They refused to do anything short of body work. They also looked underemployed. It was almost 9 at night. I didn't want to towed. So, I tried very hard to look in dire need of help as I kept mightily pulling at the bumper. Eventually, they got tired of the charade and straightened it out for me.

No one seems surprised to hear the story. New Jersey has the highest car insurance rate in USA (I think).

Update: Here is the NJ turnpike < a href="http://www.state.nj.us/turnpike/crash.htm">annual accident rate statistics. It doesn't look too bad.

Posted by Kaushik at 09:41 PM

Had a rather hectic week at work. Its a bit of a mess.
Hope to start posting again by tomorrow.

Posted by Kaushik at 10:18 AM
October 21, 2002
Note to readers

Alright. I moved house to Movabletype.org. As you can imagine, things are kinda broken right now. To begin with, I need to add legible titles to the past posts and categorize them. Then I need to figure out how to import the comments from YACCS (any ideas?). THEN I am going to try to figure out the rest of the system.

It is going to take a while. In the mean time, if you see something specially iffy, please let me know.

Posted by Kaushik at 12:03 AM
October 18, 2002
Durga Puja in Upstate New York

Birendra Krishna Bhadra's recitations, his voice breaking with passion as he invokes Durga, is broadcast by All India Radio in the predawn hours of Mahalaya every year. Listening to Agomani, semi asleep, as light slowly creaks in through the curtains, is one of the abiding memories of Durga Puja from my childhood. In the Bengali psyche, Bhadra is irreplacable. At one time, AIR got a noted Bengali movie actor (Uttam Kumar) to recite the Sanskrit slokas. The story goes, that the people got so incensed that many started towards the radio station with brickbats (a not very surprising development in Calcutta).

In his old age, Bhadra was locked up in his own house by his son and daughter in law. they claimed that he had gone mad. A lot of people feel that they covetted his property. I wish he had a better death. His Agomani recitations are very uplifting. This year on Mahalaya, we listened to a recording that my wife has brought from India.

The puja of course is packaged into a weekend affair in USA instead of the elaboate four day thing that it is in India. None of us have that kind of time. Durga is carefully packed away every year in keeping with the environmental regulations of New York. Last year, the diyas had somehow sparked off the fire alarms in a building in Albani and a number of fire brigade vehicles had arrived.

We had gone to Dr. Mukherjee's house for the Pujas last weekend. He has been doing this in his house for the last 25 years. For those who don't know, Durga Puja is a fairly complex, demanding affair, rarely done at home.

Dr Mukherjee had worked in many corners of the world throughout his life. I was much impressed with the fact that he had served in Siberia for 'Doctors Without Border'. Now old, he has retired to a a quiet town in upstate New York. He has a pacemaker for his heart. He had another heart attack last month. But his back was ramrod straight, his Sanskrit pronunciations were correct and clear, only his gait kinda shuffled and tentative.

There was some singing later on. There was this small, balding man from Mysore who sang divinely. He had that vocal range that certain classically trained southern vocalists have, that doesn't need any accompanying instruments. I think Sinead O'Connor has that. There was a woman who sang horrible Gazals. There was lots of color, awesome Bengali sweets, disjointed conversations, cars parked in wrong places ......

It rained all day that day. Later, we drove up 87 all the way to Albani past catskill mountains vivid with fall colors . As we neared Adirondack, the trees took on many different hues. It was a great drive.

In Albani, I had the weirdest conversation with another guy:

"So where did you move from?"
"You SHOULD go back"
"There is nothing here. Let the winter start. It is going to be terrible. Absolutely terrible. I went to San Francisco for a training last month. There is life there! They have the real city life out there."
"Albany sucks". He started pacing. "Connecticut sucks."
"Go back. Ask your company to send you back."
"You know, we don't have any ongoing projects in the Bay area."
"Why don't you join Microsoft?"

Posted by Kaushik at 10:52 AM
September 30, 2002
Just venting some steam ...

Ever since I moved to Connecticut, I have not had the same kind of leisure hours that I did in California ( a good thing too!). My surfing habit has been the first casualty. Considering the fact that I am now working on retail supply chain, I can no longer give myself the excuse that surfing is in some intangible way adding value to my professional life! As a result, I don't post as many interesting links as I was posting a few months back. Also, I am discursive by nature and my efforts and interests are dispersed in all sorts of direction. But to get where I want to get, I need to be more focused :(. You can probably expect randomNotes to become more focussed and to deal with more offline stuff in future.

Posted by Kaushik at 10:23 PM
September 23, 2002
Psion Revo

This particular rant will make sense only to other aggrieved Psion revo owners who have tried synchronizing their PDAs to a Windows 2000 / XP machine. I think Revo is the most undersupported PDA in the history of the universe. I don't envy anyone who is trying to sync a Revo bought in 1999 with a laptop marketed in 2002.

I thank this guy for clueing me in. If you are a fellow Revo owner, I would strongly recommend that you throw away the installation CD that came with your Revo and download PsiWin 2.3.3 from here. It is worth the hassle of deleting PsiWIN files one by one from your windows registry. I wasted 3 hours of my time figuring that out!

Posted by Kaushik at 03:02 PM
August 20, 2002
Drivers out here

I need to rant about the traffic! Let me record for posterity the driving conditions around here:

Most drivers don't seem to think much of the left or right blinkers. It is usually your job to anticipate when someone may want to cross over to your lane. They are seem inordinately fond of the horn. I have heard more people honk in the Connecticut - New York commute in the last seven days than I probably have in the last one year in California. Of course with such liberal use of horns, everyone has gotten inured to its use. Most don't even bother to look when you honk. I come from a country where blowing your car's horn seem to be a national pastime. But unfortunately, I now find it difficult to invoke my bloodthirstiness in such matters. Age catching up I guess ..

The transport systems suck. The roads are narrower. Well, I can appreciate that in older cities like these it is very difficult to shut down the roads for repair since so much traffic is plying over the bridges every day. But I am also yet to see a a single place where U turns are allowed. The road signs are confusing as hell and often won't make any sense to anyone other than those living in that area.

The traffic is terrible. The only place worse than this during office hours is probably the beltway in DC.

Please note that I am not trying to say in a roundabout way that I am missing California. I am fine! It is just that I am used to driving being a pleasant experience. And I now have wake up at 4.30 AM tomorrow morning to reach Pennsylvania by 9 AM - a journey which should not really take more than two hours.

Update: I chickened out. I am leaving for PA tonight rather than tomorrow morning.

Posted by Kaushik at 10:57 PM
August 19, 2002
Moving to east coast II

It was quite exhausting running around like headless chickens looking for an apartment over the weekend. But we managed to close it on sunday evening and also moved most of our stuff. So in the evening, a friend who helped us move and I were walking around downtown, thirsting for a chilled beer. We saw this charming outdoor place with nice umbrellas, chi chi decor. Well dressed twenty somethings were guzzling beer from what appeared to be oversized beer bottles. We gravitated towards it. It is only after we sat down and asked for the menu, we noticed the writings on the umbrellas: 'DRINK SPARKLING WATER'.

I couldn't believe my eyes! Half the crowd was paying good money to drink mineral water.

Posted by Kaushik at 07:34 AM
August 16, 2002
Moving to east coast I

Connecticut is quite pretty, but the traffic during peak office hours is surprisingly bad. We reached New York last tuesday morning and it has been quite crowded since then. I have been living out of a suitcase in a hotel, checking my personal mail in the hotel lobby downstairs and rushing to office in the wee hours in order to avoid the peak traffic hours. It is lush green and hilly around here. The buildings in the downtowns have a feel of decaying elegance about them. I would love to explore. But first things first. We have been desperately apartment hunting. After packing, it is second most irritating activity involved in moving house!

Posted by Kaushik at 10:05 PM
August 11, 2002
Leaving California

This is all a little sudden. I picked up a small contract in upstate New York last week and we are moving there on monday night lock, stock and barrel. Everything is a bit of a mess right now. Packing boxes all over the floor, the phone ringing off the hook, trying to find a car shipping company that'll get my truck there on time .... I 'll have to start at work on 14th. That didn't really leave us with much time to wrap up, pack and say good byes.

I would later on vent here on the whole job search thing (the short description: it sucks), but right now I must get back to packing. I loved living in Northern California . I had a great time here, made wonderful friends and grew a great deal both professionally and emotionally. I landed here in the middle of '99 and caught the last phase of the go go 90s - extravagant dotcom parties, sponsored cruises in the Bay, snowboarding trips et al. It was nice while it lasted :-). But even now when the party is over and the tax refunds to the out of work tech workers is creating this massive deficit in California , Bay area is still a great place to work. It still has the largest concentration of brilliant technical minds on the planet. It has one of the most accessible and beautiful outdoors available in the country, the most adorably snooty people on the face of earth (all of whom think that this is the center of the earth) and is an oasis of tolerance in these uncertain times. Nevertheless, I am very glad that I am moving. Things got quite bad. The web is not a good place to talk about work. But what I feel right now is an incredible sense of relief. I have lived in mid-atlantic earlier and liked New York. Hopefully, we'll like it again.

Posted by Kaushik at 09:44 AM
August 08, 2002

Ok, I am back! Would post an update sometime later today.

Posted by Kaushik at 07:38 PM
July 08, 2002
On hiatus

On hiatus

This weblog is going on hiatus for at least next one month.

My work life has been getting rather precarious. It doesn't take much time to put together the posts. I also enjoy the diversion a great deal. But lately, I haven't had the mindset to focus on it. I need to sort out my job scene before I can do good work here. I may post something now and then. But I feel vaguely guilty about people coming here expecting to find something posted with the same frequency as earlier and being disappointed. So I wanted to let you know that posting is going to be light to non existent till at least the second week of August.

Hasta la vista.

Posted by Kaushik at 11:53 PM
June 28, 2002

Been incredibly busy. Would be back online on saturday sunday.

PS: Publishing through blogger seems like a specially painful experience today. Is anyone else having the same experience?

Posted by Kaushik at 11:57 AM
June 13, 2002
Useful desktop utilities

I have started writing this long rant. And it has been getting longer and longer. So, now I have given up on posting it on RandomNotes anytime soon. My mind is bursting with stuff that I want to write and share. But articulating any of those thoughts would need concentrated attention and time. I have been very dispersed for the last few days. My work life is now composed of many small transactions that have been eating up all my time. My computer, which is idiosyncratic even in the best of times, is showing major attitude. At least, I have now gotten all the applications reinstalled (Very important!). I didn't realize how dependent I am on the apps that I use with IE, until I lost them. Here is what I use when surfing:

1. Google tool bar: You probably already have it on your browser. No should have to make do without it.
2. Atomica answer bar: Its a nifty tool to look up the definition of any Anglo Saxon word, term etc.that may cross your path. Since Blogger doesnt have a spell check, it also works as my default spell checker (i.e. when I am doubtful about any spelling)
3. Cuteftp: I am sure there are a lot of ftp applications out there. But over the last few years, I have gotten used to cuteftp. Its really a very neat application
4. Live365: The bestest Internet radio page in the universe.

On a different note, if you are a weblogger, you may want to check out Blogroots (i.e. if you haven't already). Its a forum for weblogging related discussions. It hasn't taken off in a big way yet. But I am sure it will.

Posted by Kaushik at 10:04 PM
May 31, 2002
My machine crashed ...

My machine crashed last Monday and all the attendant devastations ensued. I, contrary to the advise that I give clients, haven't beening backing up my stuff very often. So, for the past one week I have been running around like a headless chicken. I learnt more about the nuances of NT system crashes that I ever wanted to know in my life. To cut a long story short: I finally gave up on trying to repair my NT installation and upgraded to 2000, which I guess is a good thing. The bad part is, I lost almost all of my outlook data and contacts. It'll take me quite some time to put stuff back up again.

Posted by Kaushik at 03:44 AM
April 14, 2002
Sunset on 280

We caught the most awesome sunset on 280 on the way to San Francisco last evening. The sky took so many different hues ... the colors permeating the clouds hanging low, drifting over the lush green mountains of South Bay....the whole drive seemed almost magical.

One of the good things about moving to South Bay has been nearness of the beaches and the mountains of Santa Cruz. My feet have been itching to go out and hike. But life has been crowded of late. Organizing and priorititizing my life is proving to be a lot more difficult than it seemed it would be! I loved a stray comment on mefi that captured the conflicts:

"Every choice has a concomitant cost. The simple fact is, no one - man or woman - can have it all. No one gets it all. Every choice involved the sacrifice of all other possible options. You can have a successful career; you can have a fullfilling family life; but you are almost guaranteed to fail if you expect to have full measures of both.That's hard to accept, especially when we are bombarded with messages that tell us we can have it all. But we can't. Make smart decisions based on good information. Do what you think is right for you. But don't kid yourself. Self-delusion is the quickest path to disappointment ever invented." C'est vrai! .

On a different note: anyone who is still using Network Solutions should read about the Hoopla domain name hijack. That is just the latest outrage. Matt Haughey has a bigger rant on his weblog. The mefi thread on the subject lists a fair number of good domain name registers. I think people need to start voting with their wallets.

Posted by Kaushik at 07:03 PM
April 04, 2002
I am back

Ok, I am plugged back into the world. But I have over 200 messages in my inbox and a large number of tasks that need attending to immediately. I hope to be able to update this blog regularly from this evening.

Posted by Kaushik at 12:54 PM
April 01, 2002
Moving house

I never thought the day would come when I would feel nostalgic about moving from East Bay to South Bay. But I honestly do. The subject deserves a long post its own.

Unfortunately, the smart people in Pacbell transferred my phone & DSL two days before we were to move house. So I spent the weekend without access to the net. The people we are moving in with apparently didnt realize that the extra phone jack doesn't work. So we are destined to live without home internet access and landline for the next two days too.

I hope to be back in circulation by wednessday.

Posted by Kaushik at 02:52 PM
March 26, 2002
Packing up

Packing away your books is a slightly melancholy exercise. It is hard to decide which are the ones you are going to keep on your shelves and which are the ones going to be locked away for quite some time. You (or at least I) also can no longer avoid recognizing the increasing number of 'Important' books that have been bought and not read.

I felt slightly foolish browsing through the business bestsellers from the 1999-2000 time frame championing the dawn of a new era. I think 'Information Rules' is one of the most brilliant books in that genre that came out in the last few years. 'Blown to bits' is also very good, if slightly dizzy. But a lot of authors produced stuff that is now almost redundant.

I blew way too much money in books. The new motto in my life is, love thy library. Hopefully, if and when I start making decent money again, the motto will not change.

We are busy packing with gusto. Moving house at the end of stuff. It is amazing the amount of stuff we accumulated in only a few months. And how much it hurts to let them go.

Posted by Kaushik at 10:43 PM
March 17, 2002

I have this habit of being intensely obsessed with something for some time and then losing interest in it for a long time. But I was thinking today of interests that have stayed with me - books, travel, photography, travel, politics, travel, Internet technology. It is a good think that I work in the tech sector. But the other stuff eats up way too much of my time. I have been trying very hard over the last few weeks to discipline myself and to focus completely on functional reading and work. Because if there has ever been a time when I needed to, this is it. I think I am getting there. This doesnt mean there wont be updates on the weblog. I am just going to be more structured and focused about how I spend my time.

On a different note: World Press Photo awards have been announced. You must go and check them out.

Posted by Kaushik at 01:45 AM
March 13, 2002
Gone fishing

I would be out of circulation for the rest of this week too. I would try to pop in and update the weblog now and then. But mostly there wont be any new entry this week:(.
Have a good week everybody.

Posted by Kaushik at 01:38 PM
February 28, 2002
Still out of circulation

The fever is gone. Still have a bit of a throat problem. But its getting better. But I have been incredibly busy and stressed about office work. That's why so few entries on the weblog over the last few days.

Posted by Kaushik at 07:21 PM
February 21, 2002
Fever II

Ok, now I have a throbbing headache, a fever and raging tonsillitis. My doctor appears to be away till monday. I have a massive amount of office work to finish by this weekend. We also need to find a cheaper dig (hopefully) by the month end. There is a saying in India : 'When HE giveth, HE giveth with abundance'. That certainly appears to be true.

Posted by Kaushik at 06:54 PM
February 20, 2002
Fever I

Been down with a flu. After eight tylanols, one lemolate and finally one dose of theraflu (which worked!), I am finally back on my feet, but am feeling completely zonked. The world seems to have carried on perfectly well without any active help from me in the last 24 hours.

Posted by Kaushik at 09:30 PM
January 03, 2002
Happy new year

Happy new year!

This must had been the laziest year end for me in recent memory. We read, slept, took long walks, generally lazed about. Took a day trip to 'Napa valley'.It drizzled all day that day. But rain made Napa prettier. We had a candle lit picnic in V Sattui's celler where it had put up picnic tables because of the rain. Later, we drove up to Santa Rosa thru Springfield Blvd. The moss on the trees were deep green.We drove through the clouds - the only 2 cars on the road almost all the way down.
Also Finished 'From here to Eternity'. -the first book in James Jones' war trilogy that includes 'A thin red line' and 'The Whistle'. I was not familiar with Jones' writing and read it without any expectations. Very moving.
Catching up on functional reading. Hope to stay off fiction for the next 3 months.Need to work my ass off.

Posted by Kaushik at 03:24 AM
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