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Half Moon Bay

Went to Half Moon Bay last saturday. We drove up Highway 92. It becomes pretty after you cross San Mateo town. It finally becomes a 2 lane highway that gently winds around the green rolling hills of San Mateo county. The beach was nearly empty. There were albatrosses circling overhead. The picnic tables were all deserted. Occasionally a family would drive up, get down, the children would hop around, but the cold pacific wind would drive them away soon.

Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz doesnt seem to be as crowded with traffic on the weekends as it can be south of Santa Cruz. It hugs the pacific coast and there are turn offs into nice, tiny, sandy beaches every few miles. We caught the sunset from one such beach and drove back via 84. Its a narrow, winding, densely treed road. At places you could catch the lights of Bay area down below. It would have been more enjoyable if there were not so many cars on the way back.

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