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They have tried to keep Main Street the way it looked when hit westerns used to be shot in Niles Canyon and Chaplin was making ‘Tramps’. Now, in the evening when the tourists go away, it is peopled largely by a blue-collar crowd that live in the neighborhood. Its a friendly, laidback place. A few days back I was hanging around there .... watching the bartender shoot pool. 'Nine Inch Nail' was in the jukebox.

The stocky, twenty-something woman shuffled out after doing two shots of crown. The very next moment, she was rammed inside by this really tiny Hispanic girl. They were immediately at each other, throwing fists, kicks... chairs tumbling. The girl manning the bar quickly jumped over and came between the two. Lots of colorful words flew back and forth, threats from the tiny one about laying off her man, counter threats from the other. The audience was mildly disappointed when they both left foaming at the mouth. One middle aged man informed the room that he has seen a much better catfight in Reno.

The same neighborhood, sometime between 1911 and 1916 wanted to throw Charlie Chaplin out of town when he moved into a house with a woman he wasn’t married to.