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Of all the travel writers that I have read, Bruce Chatwin's books resonated most with me. I discovered 'What Am I doing here' in an idle afternoon in a tiny bookshop in Calcutta. Over the next few years, I read pretty much all that he had published, all that has been published about him. Its only when I started reading about Chatwin the man, that I realized that there is a lot of fiction in his travel narratives or at the very least he rearranged facts to suit his theories/his narrative needs. That as a person he was a bit of a sham. But I still think he is one of the best travel writer (much as he would have hated the label) of the modern age.

For anyone as obsessed with Chatwin as me, there is a great resource page on the net that is regularly updated. Last night I discovered this interesting review of Chatwin's work through that page.

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