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Others on San Francisco

Quotes from Other people with Other ideas about San Francisco:

    "San Francisco seems to have simultaneously located its soul in the glorious past, and definitively cut off the branches of that very past's organic evolution. And less than any willful act of forgetting, it is the arrival of successive waves of new residents that seems to have most effectively cauterized the stump of history. ......

    The San Francisco I moved to for the first time in late 1990 .... is nowhere to be found among the lineaments of the new city. Not in the painted ladies embalmed for the picture postcard, not in the spanking new redbrick baseball stadium in the heart of SoMa, absolutely not in the fondly recreated and thoroughly neutered decadence peddled as street life in the Haight or the Castro. ...I have come to wonder if anyone who touches down at SFO from here on in, who rolls down those last westbound miles of Interstate 80 on balding tires and the final fumes of an empty tank will ever again find "The City" anything but a place with mild weather, good jobs, pretty hills and an unusual degree of ethnic diversity. I wonder, and as someone who loved the kinky, self-important peacock city I originally moved to, despair a little."

    ( Quoted From v-2.org)

    "San Francisco and I have never seen eye-to-eye, you see. We don't like each other, and have known to go out of each other's way to piss the other one off. ..I like my pretense up and in your face, like the women in Beverly Hills who wear Prada stilletos while they browse produce and network production deals on their cell phones. Not like the sea of inbred Ivy-Leaguers swarming the craggy hills of SF in Pursuit of The Good, snacking and preaching organically-grown bananas while tossing the peels out the windows of imported SUV's.

    Give me LA and its masses of freeway-infested shopping parks, its armies of inorganically-grown centerfolds. At least it's warm here."

    (Quoted from dooce.com via Ariemeadow)

As for me: I am passionate about San Francisco. After I read Adam Greenfield's quotes from 'Invisible Cities' by Italo Calvino in V-2 Org, I have borrowed the book from the library. Its an elegant book. Worth checking out.

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