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'Charlie's ghost'

I tend to avoid commenting on op-eds written on hot button issues. They are usually written by fundamentalists of one hue or other. I am uncomfortable around fundamentalists of any kind.

But 'Charlie's ghost' is a poingnant story. I too think that "As a matter of law and politics, ...this (abortion) is not a decision I would entrust to courts and legislatures". But some of the issues that Bill Keller raised in that article are disturbing. As he mentioned "The ideologues on both sides, those who view abortion as an absolute wrong and those who view it as an inalienable right, too often treat these decisions as if they were clear-cut and pain-free." This week's 'Economist' noted that in China, the male female ratio is getting badly skewed. Given the choice of one kid, most parents are choosing to wait for a boy. I had read in 'Times of India' (quite some time back) that in Mumbai some of the more affluent families (those who have access) are quietly aborting the girl fetuses in their families.

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