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Getting things done

I finished 'Getting things done' a few weeks back.

I was originally tempted to read it after going through several references to GTD in 43 folders.

Like many others who juggle a large number professional and personal projects and do not feel that enough time exists to do justice to all of them, I have often been frustrated in my efforts to impose some sort of structure and timeline to these projects. The usual crop of time management books do not help much.

But GTD has been quite useful to me. Many of the ideas explored in it seem blindingly obvious in retrospect. But they made a significant difference to my document management and approach to time management.

I dont want to sound too wild-eyed. As Caterina said in her weblog, this is already a bit like a cult - the Atkins diet of time management junkies.

If you are interested, Marlin Mann has a link rich introduction to GTD in 43 folders.

Matt Vance has a terrific summary of of the key points.

David Allen's weblog is here.

But really, you should start with the book.


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